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  "It has been my experience that folks who  
have no vices have very few virtues"

Abe Lincoln

       These Stocking's links are for displaying pictures and sales of vintage nylon stockings.  Pictures of vintage Albert's nylon stockings on photographer's models are included and of me using Albert's nylons on this web site and on my eBay.   The vintage non-mesh stockings are my favorite.   The nylon fiber used in the weaving pattern in vintage nylons is unique and was processed in such a way that todays reproductions cannot duplicate that shine and ultra soft feel that I crave.   The weave is so fine compared to contemperary manufactured "vintage reproduction" nylons that feel course.   I like to wear a roomy stocking especially in the toes.  

       The Albert's Bare-Foot line are my favorite for the feel of fine silk.   They could be 7 denier but are 15.  You must shave your legs to get the most sensual feeling of these vintage nylons.  The closer the silky stockings are to your skin the more the stimulation.  It was only after WW2 that women started to shave their legs due to shortage of nylon stockings.  Silky vintage sheer stockings are like luxurious satin underwear, they give you a secret boost and become pleasurably addictive .  The sheer simplicity of see through retro nylons, they're a uniquely desired something, about that, the way the sheer material clings and and rolls or folds over the skin like the stage curtain drapings the smoothness, is a power dramatic and bordering on developing a fetish.  I fully appreciate their mystique and devine power for flirting and at times blatantly a little bit of stocking top tease.  I also enjoy the feeling of glamour they lend.  I bought my first seamed stockings and garter belt at aged fourteen.

        For aesthetic judgment of my sense of beauty with respect to the study of emotions and mind, I regard vintage nylons with very agreeable pleasure in my mind as well as body.   The beauty I behold is in the look as well as the feel of the fine denier caressing my feet and legs.   The beauty is sensual when I slip into a pair of heels as there is a dry lubricating friction of my stockinged foot as it slides into the shoe that gives me a solid carnal arousal.   The enclosed pictures of stockings on models legs are slightly erotic if you linger.   That's the purpose.   It is to help you discover your own nylon stockings fetish.   If you surrender, as you know you will, go over this web site and notice there isn't a search engine to sort out only all the size 10x37s and such.  This site is only run on simple classic html.   I clasify 1st by style then by color and then sizes.

        The demarcation line of the top of the welt to the skin suggests forbiden venturing without secret masturbation.  Watching the wind accidently blow a dress up, draws stares like nothing else to get a chance to see if she is wearing or not wearing whatever.   The fine texture of vintage nylons next to the skin creates a secret change in sexiness all from the one piece of wardrobe that stires mens minds.   That is one power we have over the male.   His mindless loss of control.   Many women feel the actual difference from the clingyness of pantyhose and stretch stockings to the slippery tactile softness of plain knit or flat knit vintage stockings from the 40's and 50's early 60's.  Usually shinny rather than matte looking.   Once upon a time, in a galaxy far a way, nylon stockings were as much an essential part of a woman's outfit as hats and gloves.   Bare legs was a shock even into the mid sixties as the hippy movement sprung open.

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