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Some of the finest stockings from the defunct "Albert's Hosiery"

Vintage Albert's Long RHT seamless Taupe Business Sheer
nylon stockings for sale

The 5" welt is stamped with
"Albert's First Quality Business Sheer Seamless 100% Nylon LONG RN 33292 Hand wash Seperately Do Not Bleach.  Drip Dry"
These classy shiny Taupe colored stockings are remarkably durable.  They're 30 denier, and the whispering softness makes them feel like a 15 denier.  They are lustrous limp slinky soft, kinda Milk Chocolate color.   These 30 denier stockings are the most gossamer semi-opaque of any I've seen and, add to there durability and cover.  These are very similar to real silk stockings and wear a lot longer, with out the runs of silk stockings.  The market for long stockings was a result of service workers wanting longer stockings to hide their thighs while bending over, when near men.  Notice the five inch welt, this is because the miniskirts and pantyhose had not been developed yet.  The finish is purposly designed for the some reason; to attract attention, I don't know.  These are nice long stockings.  A basic color to go with so many things.   Flat measured length is from the bottom of heel to the top of the welt.   Foot size is measured from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe.
I have these Albert's seamless RHT (reinforced heel & toe) Taupe
(Milk Chocolate ) nylon stockings for sale in these sizes:
Stocking # Description Your Cost PayPal cart Quanity on Hand
albRHTtaupeLong1 Albert's RHT Long Taupe Business Sheer 9 x 35
Inches long, fits USA women's shoe size 6
8 pr
albRHTtaupeLong2 Albert's RHT Long Taupe Business Sheer 10 x 35
Inches long, fits USA women's shoe size 7
11 pr

Table is a rough guide.   Wider foot and larger proportioned leg may require the next larger size.

2 pictures below are closer to the true color
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