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Some of the finest stockings from the defunct "Albert's Hosiery"

Albert's Light Yellow RHT fine vintage seamless 15 Denier Nylon Stockings for sale

Mounted around a white paper card stiffener the stamped 4" welt reads:
"Albert's "Velvetized" seamless 100% Nylon-15 Denier First
QualityLONG RN 33292
Hand wash separately Do not Bleach Drip dry Made in USA"
These classy "Velvetized" stockings are remarkably transparent.   They're 15 denier, the whispering soft lightness makes them feel like a 7.   This whole series of seamless Light Yellow RHTs is So delicately translucent, that it softly outlines my legs and feet more than adding color.   Should require a shave and pedicure, and callus removal, and hand lotion, and self-massage.   Flat-Measured length is from the bottom of heel to the top of the welt.   Foot size is measured from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe.
I have Albert's Light Yellow seamless RHT reinforced heel & toe nylon stockings for sale in these sizes:
Stocking #
Description Your Cost PayPal cart Quanity on Hand
albRHTltYellow14 Albert's RHT Light Yellow 10 x 34
Inches long, fits USA women's shoe size 7
1 Pr
as of
5th Nov

Table is a rough guide.   Wider foot and larger proportioned leg may require the next larger size.

  The Albert's RHT Seamless line is all by the same RN 33292 factory that made these exquisite fine denier nylons for Albert's Hosiery stores.   They are finer than Hanes 415s.   More like Christian Dior Ultra sheer and Schiaparelli.   They're really delicate to put on and gossamer to feel and look at.

This is the closest to the true color I can match below.   It is very close.

These Veletized nylons add shine, a little specurlar highlight attention getter.
Color might look different in person due to camera/lighting.
These stockings are 60 Gauge 15 denier smooth as satin and very little stretch.

The picture below is of light yellow in Albert's barefoot.   Which are sold out.