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Some of the finest stockings from the defunct "Albert's Hosiery Stores, Inc"

Albert's fine vintage seamless 15 Denier Demi-toe Sandal foot Nylon Stockings

Beige Demi Toe

The welt in these Beige sandals are
a narrow 3 inch and 23" circumference.
In the picture, the welts are stamped
"Albert's Crystal Clear Sandal Seamfree 100%
Nylon First Quality Long RN 33292".
They're 15 denier.   Delicately translucent, You can be certain that wearing these stockings is a most pleasurable experience.   Should require a shave and pedicure, and callus removal, and hand lotion, feet massage and wearing cotton gloves to put them on.   Flat-Measured length is from the bottom of heel to the top of the welt.   Foot size is measured from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe.
I have some Albert's seamless demi-toe Sandal Beige in these sizes:
Stocking # Description Your Cost PayPal cart Quanity on Hand
BeigeDT24 Albert's demi-toe Beige 10 x 34
inches Long, fits USA woman's shoe size 7-8
1 pr
BeigeDT35 Albert's demi-toe Beige 10 x 34
inches Long, fits USA woman's shoe size 8
1 pr
As of
21st Mar

Table is a rough guide.   Wider foot and larger proportioned leg may require the next larger size.

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vintage beige stockings

Beige 4Play
        Beige color sets a relaxed tone of understated elegance.   People think the color beige is overused and boring.  But why is it used in almost everything?   Clean warm elegance, period.  Cleanliness of white but warm.  The tone is understated elegance.   The soft neutral color is so feminine with pink or purple, just elegant.   Beige with greens, browns, and orange can create an earthy palette.   Biege is a white woman's color, black & grey are black women's colors.   Beige legs warms up a palette of cool blues without overpowering them.   Beige is a basic cosmetic foundation for the legs.   It conceals skin blemishes.   Evens out motleyed skin.  These Veletized nylons add a little shine, a little specular highlight attention getter.  Color might look different in person due to camera/lighting.   Therefore check the pictures of our model wearing these Beige sandle foot nylons.   They change my pale skin to an intriguing sensual voyeur appeal.   These stockings are 60 Gauge 15 denier smooth as satin and very little stretch.