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Fine 15 Denier long seamed Bare-Foot (sandle foot) nylon stockings
  The Albert's Barefoot line, Seamless and Seamed, is all by the same RN 33292 factory that made these exquisite fine denier nylons for Albert's Hosiery stores.   They are finer than Hanes 415s.   More like Christian Dior Ultra.   They're really gossamer and delicate to put on.
I have Vintage Albert's seamed Barefoot nylons for sale, in the following 5 styles:
  1. Albert's Dark seamed barefoot Coffee Bean(taupe) nylon stockings

  2. Albert's Dark seamed barefoot Sparkle(beige)

  3. Albert's White seamed barefoot White

Seams start at the end of the toe and run to the top of the welt of the stockings.
The nylons are circular knit on a shape formed 'last' and the seam is sawn on.
Satiny smooth like Albert's "flat knit" fully fashioned nylon hosiery.
They are not micro mesh or stretch.
If you buy 2 pairs it is like having 3 pairs if one stocking runs or snags.