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Fine Denier Full Fashioned long seamed nylon stockings
I have Vintage Albert's Outsize Full Fashioned seamed FF nylons,
in taupe color, for Curvy Stocking Fetish! exotic girls.

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Some of the finest stockings from the defunct "Albert's Hosiery"

Albert's fine vintage 30 Denier Long Seamed Nylon Stockings

Long Taupe Nylons for Curvy women

Why are they Long? ANS: --- Because
service workers complained that the males
were eyeballing their legs when they bend
over to see the skin above the welt.

These are stamped
"Knit to Fit, OUTSIZE, Service Sheer All Nylon, Soft Stretch Welt, RN 23590, First Quality"
The RN number is the manufacturers federal registration #.
Not irregulars nor seconds just the premium 1st quality. New old stock.
I believe they are 30 denier because they are so delicate soft.
Should require a pedicure, and calouse removal, shave and hand lotion.
Foot size is measured from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe.
I have Albert's FF taupe Outsize in these 2 sizes:

Stocking # Description Your Cost PayPal cart Quanity on Hand
FFoutsize2 Albert's FF taupe Outsize size 10 x 33 Inches long
fits USA women's shoe size 7
21 pr
FFoutsize3 Albert's FF taupe Outsize 10 x 35 Inches long
fits USA women's shoe size 7
1 pr
as of
16th apr

Table is a rough guide.   Wider foot and larger proportioned leg may require the next larger size.

The picture below is the closest correct color of all the pictures.
As I look at the box of stockings and this picture, the color reminds me of milk chocolate.
Thank god for digital cameras, but, they seem to have a mind of their own.

More pictures of Albert's full fashioned Taupe Outsize nylon stockings on me