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Foriegn sales amount to over 50% from this website
I have shipped on the web to the following countries since 1999.
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Albert's vintage nylon stockings for sale

Other Brands of sheer vintage nylons and stockings for sale

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     	 Janis V  ( aka, NancyNylon )

I only sell ultra sheer satiny silky 15 denier nylon stockings
The Albert's are mostly vintage sheer nylons.   I have a few other
styles and brands that are seamed cuban heeled.   And, many RHT's.
This means I do not sell stretch, Lycra, thigh high,
Spandex, or pantyhose.   Or, at the most, only on eBay.  
I am just starting to upload this collection of vintage stockings.
To design the pages, make and edit the pictures, correct the HTML, add
improvements, and package and ship, and answer emails, eats the clock.
So, please be patient.
Thanks, NancyNylon